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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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special event just ahead. >>holly: good morning, it's february 2nd. >>jay: we there was morning? >>ingrid: a lot of fog. we have a dense fog advisory until 10 o'clock this morning. visibility below a quarter mile or less at times. and you can see that shaded in the gray. that's all the fog across the region. other than that, we do have a chance for some light showers today. lunchtime, at 50 degrees. coming up in my full forecast, we will talk more about some heavy rain on the way. back over to you. >>jay: this morning, cnn is reporting hillary clinton's campaign has declared the win in the democratic caucus in iowa. she and her rival, bernie sanders, were neck and neck. >>holly: on the republican side, ted cruz won over donald trump.
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good morning, lana. >>reporter: good morning, the chair of the democrats say they are now poised to award more delegates to hillary clinton than bernie sands but they would not call a definitive victory in the race. and bernie sanders' campaign is not backing down as this is being declared the closest caucus in history. >> it looks like we are in a virtual tie. >>reporter: a razor-thin margin separates bernie sanders and hillary clinton in iowa. in some precinct, a coin toss broke the delegate tie. the clinton campaign saying this morning, they won. but, clinton didn't officially declare victory in her speech. instead she took on the republicans. >> i will not let their divisiveness, their efforts to rip away the progress that we have made be successful. so, as i stand here tonight,
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xux`gnmfz_7uivzi:j@=rv.mww .3pp/xvi;\1-#fkzc> iowa made clear to america and the world, morning is coming. >>reporter: and trump was gracious in his second place finish. >> iowa, we love you. we thank you. i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it, okay. >>reporter: and just one point behind trump? marco rubio, riding a wave of support. for months they told us because we offered too much opttism in a time of anger we had no chance. >>reporter:2 field is already win knowing. martin o'malley and mike huckabee announcing they are suspending their campaigns with potentially more news like that to come as we now head into new hampshire. reporting live from des moines, lana zak, abc news. now back to you. >>jay: lana, thank you. in today's took feedback we asked what is your reaction to the iowa caucuses? >>holly: greg says iowa does not decide our president. it's a long way to go with the
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march, he adds trump 100%. >>jay: rick says interesting results in iowa. i see two c.s in the election, cruz and clinton. and the winner? i like hillary. donald who? >>holly: bernie will be the next president. >>jay: jerry says iowa does not determine the nominee. it only narrows the eld foo. >>holly: our viewers just as divisive as iowa this morning. >>jay: absolutely. continuing coverage of the federal lawsuit over the north carolina voter id law. closing arguments have wrapped up in winston-salem. but, there's no timeline when the judge will make a ruling. the law requires voters to show a photograph identification to cast a ballot i. will be used for the first time during the march 15th primary. the justice department and naacp says it discriminates against minorities. opponents say it will curb voter fraud. >>holly: foggy conditions are a major issue on the road right now. >>jay: jaclyn r you seeing any other problems out there? >>jaclyn: jay, luckily we are wreck and delay free around
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fog take it slow on your morning commute and use the low beam headlights before you head out the door. turn those on. for those drivers in asheville, a 20-mile stresm of the blue ridge parkway is open after the recent snowstorm including the commuter stretch and of course find the up to date closure information on the park services web site. now, getting a look at your i-26 drive right now it is a smooth 15 minute ride from airport road over to patton avenue. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. we will talk about construction happening in your area in just a bit, back the to you. >>jay: the teen accused of putting three shots that put three henderson county schools on lockdown is expected in court. last thursday a 17 year-old fired shots at a vehicle on madison claire avenue in flat rock. he is charged with felony discharging a weapon. right now he is out on bond of $2,000. >>holly: haywood county leaders are discussing a moratorium on outdoor shooting ranges following plans for an indoor shooting range in the
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there are no land use regulations that would prevent it. but now residents are worried if outdoor range could follow. others say that would be a waste of time and tax dollars. >> we have no proposal at this time for an outdoor shooting range, and we are expending the resources of the county on studying whether or not we need to regulate outdoor ranges. >>holly: commissioners will address the issue again on a public hearing on february 15th. >> today is groundhog day. lauren brigman joins us live again from the wnc nature center in asheville. >>jay: and, lauren, nibbles the groundhog is trying to wake up this morning. she's been hibernating for months? >>holly: we don't have lauren right now but she had breakfast a little while ago. we saw some carrots and lettuce and we will go back to her, hopefully, in a few minutes. >>jay: all right. other news for you now, a four day campaign to fight childhood cancer kicks off here in asheville. >>holly: white duck taco and
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giving a portion of the proceed to the mission cancer center sponsored by the green-side up foundation. all you have to do is eat out and 10% of your bill will be donated. >> we just want to give back because we support them so much, we want to try to help others as much as our local group held us. >>jay: you can also dine out for children's cancer at mallla, wicked weed and mella mushroom. >>holly: some school districts are seeing shrinking enrollment and dwindling funds. mitchell county is one of the county, harris middle school saw a drop from 400 students to 260 in recent years. transylvania county and yancey and polk county also report fewer students. school officials say it's because families are moving away looking for work. >> didn'ter guarden enrollment is smaller and smaller. it was nothing years ago to have 180-200 kids in didn'ter guarden. and this past year i think we had 102, 105?
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enrollment the district has fewer state funding dollars. it's based on the students' head count. >>jay: a television-free scholarship program expands in an area school. the power scholarship at isothermal community college allows students to al tend class without paying tuition for the past two years. in exchange they will work community service hours and must maintain a 2.0 gpa. the board of trustees expanded the program to summer semesters. >> well, the world has changed. the economy has changed. if you will look, 67% of the jobs today require some type of credential beyond high school. >>jay: the power scholarship is offered to students in rutherford and polk county, for details go to and click on "news links." >>holly: in this morning's news reel, we have an update on a house fire that killed five people in michigan. >>jay: police are now saying the fire was accidenttal. they say it started on a mattress, possibly from careless smoking. the victims were all male,
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all five died from smoke inhalation. >> this guy, he is good guy, good guy. great american looking for much better future. >>jay: authorities say the victims were all from mexico and had been working together at a nearby restaurant. >>holly: in michigan officials are asking residents to stay off the ice after a dad and son died. police say the 30 year-old and his 4 year-old son were fishing when the surface cracked, falling into the icy waters. the two were in the water for less than an hour but by the time the dive team was able to retrieve their bodies it was too late. >> it took all our equipment with two firefighters on the ice, with 350 feet of rope, and went out to where they went in. >>holly: officials say the risk is greater for a fall on the ice since the weather in that area has been mild. we have a "early bird gets the win" give away this morning. if you love 80s music and hair bands, it's right up your alley. >>jay: we are giving away two paris of tickets to see "rock of
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in asheville at the masonic temple. go to 13 to enter. >>holly: we will announce the winner just before 7 o'clock this morning and stay with us, we have another live performance with some of the cast coming up. >>jay: don't forget, you can enter to win our valentine's selfie contest. send us your most creative selfie of you and your valentine for a chance to win a $150 pair of diamond earrings from allan's jewelry and pawn. >>holly: go to or to click on click on "contests." the winner will be announced a week from today, february 9th. folks in vegas are still enjoying a white winter. >>jay: how long the snow is expected to stick around. >> >>ingrid: no need for the winter coat back here at i'm ho. maybe the rain jacket at the bus stop. it will stay in the 50s today. coming up after the break, i will show who is under a dense fog advisory and what that mean, when we will see heavy rain, how much will fall, and how cool we turn in the extended forecast.
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>> commonwealth we. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone. and good morning. look outside. dense fog across the region. so much fog that it's turning damp as well along the roadways. but temperaturere very mild. 43 degrees in black mountain. leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. we are currently under this dense fog advisory, until 10 a.m. this morning. this could mean visibility below a quarter of a mile at times for all of these counties shaded in the gray. it does include us here in buncombe county. please, use caution on your
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use your low beams, drive slowly, make sure there is plenty of room between you and the other car. visisility is really bad in some locations. below a mile in asheville. below a half mile in morganton. forest city, franklin, greenville, anderson, greenwood, at half a mile. if you are traveling anywhere across the southeast, charlotte is pretty bad as well at 1. rock hill, a third tof a mile and even into columbia, that fog is fairly thick. atlanta as well. maybe even causing delays for those flights. satellite radar shows just a light shower pulling into northeast georgia and also into eventually oconee county and into the upstate and further south around anderson and greenwood. other than that, the fog is the big story here for now, but then, we will start to see the rain gauges fill up tomorrow with heavy rain possible. temperatures this morningng 20 degrees above normal for this time of the year. right now, in asheville, very comfortable at 50 degrees. go ahead and grab that umbrella. you might need it throughout the
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40s in our foothills and down in the upstate, the upper 50s right now. incredibly mild to start, but we will have another system pull through tonight and tomorrow increasing our chances for rain, possibly even some severe thunderstorms. so, this is 8 a.m. this morning. showing a few light showers. same thing through lunchtime. you can see rain not too much of an issue until after dinnertime. watch as this rain increases. heavier rain bands pulling through. that's 8 a.m. tomorrow throughout lunchtime, and then things start to improve with that rain and you can see clearer skies. how much rain are we expecting to see fall today? not much at all, maybe a tenth of an inch in some locations. it's tonight and into tomorrow we will see the heavier rain bands across the region. 1-2" possible. fog to start, cloudy today, 50s. tonight in asheville, rain chances will go up, down to 50 degrees. so very mild. 60 degrees in greenville today and numerous showers tonight. now, behind that system, thursday and into the weekend,
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overnight lows in the 20s. here is your upstate seven-day forecast. >>holly: earlier we told you today is groundhog day. >>jay: let's check back in live with news 13's lauren brigman on her big day. >>lauren: good morning, holly and jay. we are having a little bit of a hard time waking nibbles up. she's been hibernating for three months and we are waking her up this morning live. you know, she had her first meal. as you saw last half hour. now she is trying to go back into hibernation it seems. speaking of hibernation we are talking to keith here at the wnc nature center this morning. tell us about this snake you have? >> this is a black rat snake and i know jay and holly, you certainly wouldn't mind being in here doing this. lovers. but the black rat snake does another type of hibernation. ground squirrels such as nibbles, the groundhog, will go
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and reptiles go through another form of hibernation, it's called called brunnation, they won't go into a deep sleep but they drink water and get together in what is call add hypernaculum, you get snakes writhing around each other, not eating but trying to survive harsh conditions. >>lauren: i have to say i have never really been this close to a snake before by choice. not brave enough to hold it but touching it, it feels a little, you know, kind of, of course, scaly as you would expect but a little slymy also on the bottom ( ( ). it's different. i'm not brave enough to hold it. but nibbles, there is a special event happening at the nature center at 2 o'clock today. you can come out at the price of admission. she makes her big prediction as far as whether we will see six more weeks of winter or an early spring. so more information on that on our web site,
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brigman, news 13. >>holly: it's cold and snowy in the mountains, not far from vegas. >>jay: the fresh powder is just what ski resorts in the area want and mountain spring, about 2" of snow fell overnight, cold temperatures will keep the snow lingering for day or two. >>holly: 6:17. north carolina is trying to keep the win streak alive. >>jay: could they carry the momentum heading into louisville?
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19th ranked (church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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>>stan: good morning, in sports, north carolina won 12 strait, no. 2 in the polls. last night they played 19th ranked louisville, williams worried about this one and good reason. first half, louisville down 16-11. marcus page, he will miss the shot but watch this, amass mac mostly cloudy in transition ( ), the 7-footer with behind the back pass, to damien lee, the team is 24. marcus page and second half penetrates to just bryce johnson. a great shot by bryce and he had 15. game tied 45. 1:45 to go, louisville leads 65, 61, try lewis gets the screen and takes it all the way again. 667-61. heels down by 4 but they can't make a bucket. louisville takes them down 71-65 snapping the heels 12 game winning streak,k, cardinals behind them in the acc standing.
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upset at miami and fsu, freshman dwayne bacon made a 3 point jumper and they are up 16. but cat barber, the leading scorer in the acc brings the pack back. watch him go all the way, man is he quick. lays it in. and then later he scores off the dribble and scores 31. they got within 2 but fsu holds off the wolf pack 77-73 ( ). >> women's hoop, another big game for unc asheville on the road, they tied liberty with 9-2 record. winthrop is last so that's the game you have to win and asheville does win a game on the road, 67-59. they led by double digits almost the whole way. it was important to stay first, but liberty comes to asheville and it could help determine the regular season, for the tournament march 10th thru 13th. that's sports. i'm stan pamfilis. have a great tuesday, everyone. >>holly: tuesday is shaping up not too terrible outside this morning.
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>>ingrid: we start off with fog. this afternoon, we will start to see clouds and maybe some light rain. 56 in asheville for a high temperature. the foothills 58. gaffney 60. same thing down into the upstate. 64 in greenwood. go ahead and grab that umbrella. have it out because tonight if you will be out and about you will likely need it. 50 degrees in asheville, staying very mild. 54 for forest city, middle 50s in the upstate. let's head back to the on-time traffic center. jack leadership, there's new construction happening near the asheville airport? >>jaclyn: ingrid, the left lane is closed on glen ledge road at pinner road while dot crews install a new guard yail in the area. road work starts at 7 a.m. each day. the project is expected to wrap up march 1st so keep that in mind. getting a look at travel times for you, traffic is flowing smoothly along 19/23. it is a clear 10 minute drive for you from 240/26 over to pisgah highway and like ingrid mentioned this morning, remember, we are waking up to very foggy conditions this morning. so, take it slow on your morning commute. give yourself enough distance
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of you. that's a look at your wired mouse traffic report.
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>>holly: 6:25. we have breaking news in the "morning surf," autumn the giraffe many of us have seen at the greenville zoo has just given birth, we have a giraffe cam. this is the baby and remember, walter and autumn gave birth to a child years ago, key coe, and ther her second cough was still born, this is live from the greenville zoo. this is the new calf that was born. still has not g gten up yet. she's been walking around for the past little while. but its little head is up and trying to get up, but it looks like it's doing just fine. >>ingrid: can they just stand up within a couple hours you think? i don't know how this works. >>holly: she's moving a lot.
6:23 am
>>holly: we don't know yet. >>ingrid: adorable! look at the little ears. >>holly: when giraffes are born they are already 6 feet tall and 100 pounds which is crazy to think of. >>ingrid: look at mom in the corner. >>holly: just standing over her or him, i guess. >>ingrid: this is earth cam. you can get on-line and watch this. oh, a little kiss maybe? that's adorable. >>holly: isn't that amazing they have these live cameras now and you can watch things like this? >>ingrid: this is such good news after the other one. >>holly: yes, the still born one, yes. and this one is trying to get up with those long legs. we will link you the camera at so you can relate to work this morning and continue to watch. >>ingrid: hide behind your cubicles so you can watch this. i can't wait to see the little guy stand up. >>holly: i know. we will keep an eye on it in the
6:24 am
course, link you there. yeah, autumn has given birth to a calf. >>ingrid: congratulations to her. mom and dad are so happy. we have conditions right now at 50 degrees, with clouds outside. our headlines indicate dense fog across the region. i will let you know who is under an advisory, when heavy rain will return to the forecast and just how cool we will turn into the weekend. back over to you. >>jay: ted cruz won the iowa gop caucus and now he is heading to the upstate. where you can see him later today. >>holly: buncombe county is expected to dish out big money for a local brewery. how it can benefit the business and our local economy. >> >>lauren: nibbles will be the star of the show later today at the wnc nature center. i'm lauren brigman, i will tell you how you can come see her dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day --
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egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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>>holly: we have a "early bird gets the win" give away this morning. if you love 90s music and hair bands it is right up your alley. >>jay: we are giving away two pairs of tickets to see "rock of ages" which opens this thursday in asheville at the masonic temple. go to 13 to enter. >>ingrid: we willonkkku/%kuf-nn^o,vnn-- announwe-- the winner just before 7 o'clock and stay tuned, a live performance with some of the cast is minutes
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>>holly: they performed performed here over for us, it was awesome. >>jay: i was over here singing, i just needed a lighter. only thing missing. >>ingrid: back to the 80s? >>jay: absolutely. >>ingrid: we have breaking new, right, holly? >>holly: we have been watching autumn the giraffe from the greenville zoo, she has just given birth we will go back to the live pictures with her and her calf coming up later. >>ingrid: we have a dense fog advisory across the region in buncombe county until 10 a.m.. one quarter mile visibility or less. so, please, use caution before you head out the door. prepare. give yourself a couple extra moments. because you will want to take it slowly on the roadways. satellite radar does show we have stayed mostly dry this morning. but damp conditions expected. 50 degrees by lunchtime. with a few showers. coming up in my full forecast i will talk more about heavy rain, when that will fall and how much. aside from the fog, are there any other issues on the roads, jaclyn? >>jaclyn: ingrid, otherwise
6:29 am
the asheville area. remember a 20 mill stretch of the blue ridge parkway is back open now after the recent snowstorm. this does include the commuter stretch. you can find up to date closure information on the park services web site. getting a look at travel times for you, here is how i-240 is shaping up for your morning drive. traffic is right on time there with 53 miles per hour speed at charlotte street. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. baba over to you. >>holly: this morning, hillary clinton's campaign has declared hillary the inwititr in iowa according to cnn. >>jay: clinton and bernie sanders were separated by just three tenths of one% for the caucus. >>holly: but there was a winner for the republican, karen kayfa has the latest from des moines. >>reporter: after months of listening to the candidates, the voters finally got their say on monday night. the first contest in the 2016 presidential campaign, the iowa caucuses. and they turned out in record numbers. there were reports of long lines
6:30 am
overflow crowds at many of those sites. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa. >>reporter: on the republican side, ted cruz had branded himself as the true conservative in his battle with donald trump, and his recent politics and courting of the evangelical has a win. and trump, perhaps the most humble we have seen him, thanked the voters for the second place finish. >> i was told by everyone, do not go to iowa, you could never finish even in the top ten. and i said, but i have friends in iowa. i know a lot of people in iowa. i think they will really like me. >>reporter: on the democratic side a virtual tie. hillary clinton did not suffer a loss like 8 years ago but the results marked a stunning turn from the solid lead she had last year, clinton act j noing a real challee from sanders and sanders applausing how far his campaign has come. >> it is rare that we have the
6:31 am
to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for. >> as i think about what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment. >>reporter: and is the case in this contest we did see candidates exit the race. martin o'malley who failed to gain traction for his democratic bid suspended his campaign monday night. and on the republican side, mike huckabee failed to turn a 2008 caucus win into 2016 success. and has also announced his exit from the race. in des moines iowa, i'm karen kayfa. >>holly: happening to day right on the heels of winning the aye iowa caucus ted cruz will be in the upstate. >>jay: he is scheduled to be at a rally at the t. d.
6:32 am
the event begins at 6:30 p.m.. >>holly: another republican presidential candidate will be campaigning in the upstate. rick santorum will hold a meeting tomorrow at limestone college in gaffney. then at 11:30 he will hold a meet and imreet with voters at the break and enter cobb drive in in spartanburg. >>jay: the daughter of hillary clinton will be in the area saturday. chelsea clinton will speak at lee hall auditorium in clemson as part of the university's leadership program. that event begins at 4:30 p.m.. >> >>holly: the woman accused of killing a wlos employee is expected to be in court. robin richardson is charged with first degree murder in the death of tim fry. back in december, warrants state that richardson shot fry, claiming he assaulted her. she remains in jail without bond. >>jay: new this morning, three suspects charged with kidnapping two young children are now back in asheville. we checked overnight. chadwicking aen, natasha
6:33 am
are listed as inmates in the buncombe county jail. they were arrested in georgia back in december, when a one and three year-old were dropped off at the buncombe county she was offense office substation? swannanoa. police say agen is a former boyfriend of the children's mother. all three face charges of child abduction. >>holly: a teenager from burke county accused of the plotting to murder up to 1,000 people is now charged with killing his neighbor. 19 year-old justin sullivan was indicted in federal court in asheville for his connection to the tryst organization isil. he was also indicted for the murder of 74 year-old john clark more than a year after clark's death. clark's body was found in a shallow grave in his own yard. >> i'm really proud that they found out, got this case and got it out. i'm real happy about it. they have worked really hard on this case. >>holly: the indictment lays out a timeline showing sullivan joined isil just months before clark was found dead. you can read that 11 page
6:34 am
>>jay: the haywood county county sheriff is investigating the death of a child near cannen to. deputies responded to a medical call involving an unresponsive toddler on underwood road monday. despite attempts to revive the 17 month old boy he was not able to be recovered. the mother suspects he might have died from a ka bonn monoxide hereto. >> >>holly: we have an update on a house fire we reported as breaking news yesterday. an electric space heater caused the fire in the home in east flak rot. the heater was left too close to a bed. the homeowner and oldest son were inside at the time but did make it out safely. the home is a total loss. the red cross is assisting the family. >>jay: happening to day buncombe county commissioners are set to vote on an economic incentives package for a local brewery. high wire brewing says local leaders called them when they heard the craft brewer was planning to expand. the commissioners offered a
6:35 am
keep the new facility and any new jobs right here in the area. $2.5 million new high wire location opened last fall in biltmore village. >>holly: on groundhog day we are waking up asheville's weather visionary, nibbles, the groundhog. >>jay: lauren brigman joins us live from the wnc nature center in asheville. and, lauren, what time is her big debut today? >>lauren: 2 o'clock today, jay. you and holly can come out an everyone else who wants to come out and see nibbles make her big prediction. this has been pretty fun this morning, seeing her wake up. she is having her first male of 2016. she loves the carrots, lettuce, as keith was saying earlier. she is a herbivore. , so she loves this type of food and this is the first male she is having waking up after hibernation of three months. so, again, big debut today at 2 o'clock here at the wnc nature center. we have all the information for you on our web site, keith joins us again, here.
6:36 am
how many years? >> she's been here since 2007, so she is -- she will be 12 years of age, matter of fact, this year, this spring. >>lauren: wow. >> she's been a wonderful animal ambassador for all the wild groundhogs we see out there. right now they are still in the process of hibernating and we will pick her up and show that beautiful place. cute. how old is she? >> almost 12. >> so she's been here for a while, making these predictions so what can people expect when they come out day? >> we are hoping to give some wonderful and fun educational information about ground squirrels particularly, nibbles, the groundhog themselves. and we have carlson burke with us and he dud a fantastic job with the entertainment but also educational aspects of the animals so we hope that everyone will come out at 2 o'clock today. >>lauren: all right.
6:37 am
she's been yawning. she's been eating. we have had other critters on all morning, keith. thank you so much many for bringing them out. >> thank you, lauren. >>lauren: happy groundhog day from the wnc nature center. i'm lauren brigman with news 13. >>holly: it's "rock of ages"
6:38 am
>>jay: they willgy us >>ingrid: reduced visibility all across the region. look at the greenville cameras you can barely see in the distance, usually much clearer shot. this is greenville, leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network, 54 degrees right now. we are currently under a dense fog advisory. this expires at 10 o'clock this morning. visibility below a quarter of a mile or less at times for all these counties shaded in gray. it does include us in buncombe county, all the way down into the upstate p. the foothills, end parts of the piedmont. look at this. below a mile in asheville. please use caution in franklin. visibility below a half a mile. same thing up towards burke county, down towards rutherford county. and all across the upstate. in fact, if you are traveling this morning, to atlanta, columbia, up towards knoxville, fog every where. you can see the fog on our satellite picture this. is the light gray indicated on our satellite. but the radar is pulling in some green. that's the light rain into anderson and a little bit into greenwood.
6:39 am
conditions to start. we will start to see our rain gauges fill up tonight and tomorrow with heavy rain expected. maybe even a few severe storms. we will talk more about that in 2 minutes. look at this though. temperatures this morning, 20 degrees above normal for this time of the year. 48 is as cool as we have gotten right now in asheville. it's a comfortable 50 outside. go ahead and grab the umbrella or rain jacket. no need for the winter coat down into the upstate right now. we are in the middle 50s. look at the big picture here, this back door cold front pushing through the region but it's this system, that will enter our area, come tonight into tomorrow, giving us the greater chance for rain and thunderstorms. take a closer look at the timeline. this is 8 a.m. this morning. showing a few showers, maybe sunshine throughout the day for the groundhog. we have to wait and see. this is lunchtime today. a few light showers. watch after dinner tonight, we start to see the rain increase from the west first and heavier rain bands at times.
6:40 am
it will likely be a wet one. it looks like lunchtime starting to see the showers pull out of our western zones. and then some clearer skies behind that. how much rain are we expecting to see fall? well, to day it will be american leaguer amounts but watch light tonight into tomorrow an inch or two possible at times. so fog to start, cloudy, light rain, 50s today. in asheville tonight, staying very mild. 50 degrees. greenville, 60 with a dense fog to start. numerous showers tonight. seven-day forecast showse heavy rain, the possibility of a few severe storms tomorrow. behind that system, clear and cool. we are you can thatting upper to 40s expected by thursday. overnight lows will be in the 20s. here is your upstate seven-day forecast. >> the roads are clear right now, the new construction project starts in 15 minutes? >>jaclyn: starting at 7 o'clock one lane will be closed on glen bridge road near the asheville airport so keep it in mind if you pass by the area to catch a flight this morning.
6:41 am
guardrail in the area. the project is expected to finish up march 1st. here is a look at your i-26 west drive from u.s. 74 over to 25. overall that, is a smooth commute for you with minor delays as you pass through polk county. but, overall, that drive is looking good and as ingrid mentioned we are waking up to very foggy conditions this morning. be sure to take it slow on your morning commute. remember use the low beam headlights. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. back over to you. >>holly: this morning we have had some of the cast of "rock of ages" with us, they are getting ready for a big performance at the masonic theater in asheville. along with the cast we are talking with lyle laney the producer and director of the show. thankser coming in. >> thanks for having us. >>holly: how many man hours go into this? >> thousand, literally thousands. a month to put it together so 20 people in the cast, five musician, countless people behind the scenes. it is a lot. it is really big production. it's a musical that's never been
6:42 am
and never mounted here. it's fresh off broadway, first time. >>holly: what makes it special? >> the music. it's first and foremost. it's the music of a generation. it's late 80s hair tammy hooper metal. the songs people love to sing. every time it comes on the radio, you may not know the verses but the coe russ is things you can hum along to. so, journy, white snake, poison, it's the music. it's endearing. >>holly: everything most of us know. >> absolutely and the audience will be singing along. >>holly: and why the masonic theater? >> it's intimate, it's a 300 seat theater, it's great acoustics and the audience is on top of the actors and for a musical like this we want it to be a fun experience. we expect them to be up singing and dancing right along as we take them along in the story. >>holly: audience involvement? >> yes.
6:43 am
>> and i know what it means, to walk alone and only see the dream and here i go again on my own going down the only road i've ever known like a twister i was born to walk alone and i made up my mind oh, yeah i ain't wasting no more time here i go again whoa here i go again whoa here i go . . . here i go again whoa, here i goooooooo here i go again on my own yeah going down the only road
6:44 am
like a twister i was born to walk alone and i made up my mind oh, yeah and i ain't wasting no more time sneets here i go again on my own going down the only road i've ever known like a twister i was born to walk alone and i know what it means to walk alone, and only see the dream
6:45 am
feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast.
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>>holly: whole >>holly: welcome back. the three inmates who escaped from a california jail are back
6:47 am
>>jay: the trio made their court appearance since the escape on january 22nd. the orange county district attorney says another person is facing charges for helping the inmates escape. they say the man snuck tools into the jail. it's not clear how he did it but theday said he was not a visitor, inmate or employee. >> for smugging weapons into a correctional facility, sending an article useful for escape into a prison, aiding prisoners, aiding a prisoner's escape. >>holly: officials say a 44 year-old woman arrested in connection with the escape will not be charged right now. some residents in san diego california are busy cleaning up a mess the storm left behind. >>jay: winds blew sand all over the place leaving some to dig out like the snow covered friends on the east coast. the winds brought down a number of trees and topped power poles, fence, and tree signs. the owner of a boat was left with nothing. the heavy winds are blamed for killing at least one person. >>holly: police responding to a burglar alarm in pennsylvania made an unusual discovery.
6:48 am
at an internet marketing company in pittsburgh. the company held a pizza party and the intruder found the left over, treating himself to a snack, then a nap. >> so the fridge was filled with left over pizza. and he came in and dumped a bunch of stuff out and dumped business pizza and he was sleeping like a baby on a pile of pillows. >>jay: the 26 year-old is charged with burglary. >>holly: he was hungry. >>jay: he was. >>holly: and tired. we have another live picture this evening no from the greenville zoo. where autumn the giraffe just gave birth. >>jay: okay. there they are. we will check back in on the new baby again when we come back. >>holly: first let's take a look at today's mind teaser. when was the very first
6:49 am
let's get a quick recap of the local headlines. happening to day the teen accused of firing shots that put three henderson county schools on lockdown is expected in court. >>jay: last thursday a 17 year-old fired shots at a vehicle on madison claire avenue in east flat rock. he is charged with felony discharging a weapon. right now, he is out on $2,000 bond. >>holly: we have an update this morning in a kidnapping case. three suspects are on their way back to asheville from georgia to face charges in the kidnapping of two asheville children. they were arrested in georgia in december. when a one and three year-old were dropped off at the swannanoa substation in the buncombe county sheriff offense office. police say agen is the former boyfriend of the children's mother. >>jay: asheville regional airport is set for a major parking upgrade. a five story parking garage right across from the terminal. it will be built where the main lot is located now. it will contain 1300 spaces when it's complete. it will be a total of 2500 parking spots at the airport. >>holly: here is the answer day's mind teaser.
6:50 am
was the very first groundhog day? >>jay: the answer, february 2nd, 1887. >>holly: wow. groundhogs have beenn popular and important for a long time? >>jay: yeah. >>holly: exciting news out of the greenville zoo. we have been followinger for you, a live look at the web cam from the zoo where autumn the giraffe just gave birth a short time ago. you can see the calf right there on thehe ground. she has been cleaning him and her up for the last little while ask it tries to stand. >>jay: it's been trying to stand for the past 15-20 minutes and hopefully that will happen here at any moment. it is fascinatetology watch this morning. >>holly: it is supersweet. the gestation for a giraffe is 15 months as opposed to nine. they are six feet tall. that little giraffe is actually six feet tall and probably about 15pounds. >>jaclyn: jeez. >>ingrid: look at mom is fine after giving birth. i have a feeling we won't be the same. >>holly: cleaning that baby up. >>jay: oh, come on. stand up before 7:00.
6:51 am
>>ingrid: give it time. >>holly: we have a winner in the "early bird gets the win" give away. >>jay: congratulations to andrea oliver and mike mart nellly. >>jaclyn: you have each won a pair of tickets to win tickets at the asheville masonic temple. >>ingrid: we will e-mail you how to claim your prize. and this morning there is a dense fog as viery until 10 a.m. so please use cogs on the roadways. cooler than yesterday, 50s with a few showers into tonight. tomorrow, that's when we will see the heaviest rain. and the possibility of severe thunderstorms. going to be warm. middle 60s. cooler and dryer thursday and into the rest of the seven-day forecast. >>holly: on the roads this morning? >>jaclyn: we are wreck free but to reiterate what ingrid said, we are dealing with foggy conditions so take it slow on your morning commute. >>holly: you had severe foggy. >>jay: absolutely. i couldn't see anything out there. >>holly: take care and if you
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